Free Domains

Why we don't support Hostitor Web Hosting for Freenom domains?

Freenom domains are quite popular for being free and easy. With Freenom domains you can set up a domain for your business for free. While is great for small number of Freenom domain users, but most of the Freenom domain users uses the domain to spam and other malicious activities. We have a forefront in supporting fast and cheap hosting but we have seen that most of the Freenom domain users who uses our web hosting services have used to activities which are against our Terms and Conditions.

So to put an end to this cycle of checking complaints for spamming and other malicious activities we have removed the support for Freenom domains. Any users will still be able to sign up using Freenom domains, but those request will not be processed by our servers. This is to reduce the some spam and other web related malicious activities that our world have gotten used to since the inception of the Internet.