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Why Hostitor is faster than 2GBHosting? 2GBHosting Alternative

Hostitor provides better and faster website hosting than 2GBHosting. Complete comparison between Hostitor and 2GBHosting.

2GBHosting provides affordable Windows and Linux web hosting. We have compared the features of Hostitor and 2GBHosting to understand better why Hostitor is a better choice than 2GBHosting. Our comparison includes the price, features, speed, and customer support of both web hosting services.


Hostitor Web Hosting plans start at ₹1200 per year. The plan includes Unlimited Website Hosting, Unlimited Resources, Free CDN, and Free SSL certificates. The most expensive plan from Hostitor is Hostitor Enterprise Plan. The plan consists of all the features of the Freelancer Plan and includes 12 months of Marketing (SEO, PR, and Promotion) and 12 months of Website Security.

2GBHosting plans start at ₹495 per year. The plan includes 202GB Storage, 1 GB of RAM, and only 5000 inodes. You can host only 1 website with the plan. The most expensive Linux Hosting from 2GBHosting costs ₹5000 per year. The plan includes Unlimited Storage, 3 GB of RAM, 20000 inodes, and you can host unlimited websites.


Hostitor provides Unlimited Website Hosting with Unlimited Resources for all its web hosting plans. Hostitor plans also include free SSL, CDN, and Web Optimization. With Hostitor, you don't have to spend extra for Web Optimization. They also include Marketing Services and Website Security services with Professional and Enterprise Plans.

2GBHosting provides limited web hosting with their plans. They don't give any Marketing Services or Website Security services. Plus, you don't get any free CDN or Web Optimization with 2GBHosting. You have spent more on CDN and Web Optimizations. There have been several complaints against 2GBHosting regarding inconsistent uptimes, but with Hostitor, you get 99.9% uptime.


Hostitor has 138% faster load times than 2GBHosting because Hostitor provides free CDN and Web Optimization, which considerably increases website serve times. Most static contents will load faster due to the CDN. Since 2GBHosting doesn't offer any of those, your website will load very slow with 2GBHosting.

Customer Support

Hostitor has excellent documentation that explains every feature of the Hostitor Web Hosting Control Panel so that you can utilize all the features of Hostitor. Hostitor also has a live chat and ticket system.2GBHosting doesn't provide any live chat, and their support system is slow. They don't have much documentation, so you have figure out all the features on your own.