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Why Hostitor is better than Hosting Raja? Hosting Raja alternative

Hostitor vs Hosting Raja

Hosting Raja though an excellent web hosting solution but Hostitor provides a much better solution with better speed and features for a lower price than Hosting Raja. We have listed a complete compare between Hostitor and Hosting Raja.


Hosting Raja requires 5-year commitment for their lowest price. So, Hosting Raja will cost you ₹3396 per year for their cheapest unlimited web hosting plan, where you get Unlimited Web Hosting and Limited RAM Usage (1GB RAM). Their highest unlimited web hosting plan will cost you ₹5088, which includes Unlimited Web Hosting and 3 GB of RAM. Hosting Raja doesn't provide any Marketing Services with their plan.

With Hostitor the cheapest plan will just cost you ₹1200 per year. It includes Unlimited Web Hosting, Unlimited Resources, Free CDN and SSL. And Hostitor's most expensive plan, i.e., Hostitor Enterprise Web Hosting Plan will cost you ₹11600 per year. It includes same web hosting features like Freelancer Plan but also consists of 12 months of Marketing Services (SEO, PR, Promotion, etc.) and 12 months of Website Security.

Hostitor vs Hosting Raja


Let's start with the features between Hostitor and Hosting Raja. Hostitor as of now provides Unlimited Shared Web Hosting, and we use Super Fast SSDs. Hostitor doesn't offer any managed WordPress or VPS services.
Whereas, Hosting Raja provides Shared Web Hosting, Managed WordPress and VPS services. They too have unlimited web hosting packages, but you have a limitation with their RAM usage.

You can host Unlimited Websites with Unlimited Resources, Hostitor doesn't have any limitation for Resources. Also unlike Hosting Raja, you get free CDN with Hostitor, so your website is served 120% faster with Hostitor. Hostitor also provides server-level Web Optimization, that means you don't need any cache or web optimization plugin for your website, Hostitor does it for you!Hostitor knows that getting customers to a website is hard, so Hostitor provides Professional Marketing Services with Professional and Enterprise Plans. Hostitor works for your website to rank it in search engines like Google. We also offer manual Web Security for our Professional and Enterprise Plans so that you have peace of mind.


Hostitor Web Hosting is 72% faster than Hosting Raja. The speed depends on lots of factors like the CMS you're use and Optimization of your website. Since Hostitor includes free CDN and free Website Optimization, it serves website faster than any other web hosting service. Your website will load much faster with Hostitor but make sure that use free CDN and Web Optimization that comes with Hostitor Hosting plans.