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How to host Handshake Domains with Hostitor?

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Here's a simple guide to host Handshake domains with Hostitor. The guide will help you buy a domain from Namebase and start hosting it with Hostitor.

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Advantages of Handshake domains

1. You 'own' the TLD. Yes! You own it. TLDs are top-level domains, such as .com, .net, .org etc. Now you can own your piece of TLD and have any sub-domain before the TLD. Example, we own .x-men, now we can add all sorts of sub-domains like wolverine.x-men, iceman.x-men etc.

2. You don't have any expensive renewal fees. You renew your TLDs every two years with just 0.02 HNS (cryptocurrency), which currently isn't even a cent! Current HNS price.

3. You can own TLDs through an auction. Without being much complicated, sign up at Namebase and start bidding on any available TLDs or just search for the domain you want and bid when it arrives at auction. There are several amazing domains with a price tag of less than a dollar. Check out the Handshake domains at auctions.

4. Managing domains are secure. After you win a domain, please check below regarding how to set up the domain.

Hosting Handshake with Hostitor

Handshake Domains

Step 1: Set up NextDNS for your devices. Currently, Handshake domains cannot be browsed directly, and you'll need to install Handshake Resolver or NextDNS. We recommend NextDNS since it is easy to set up. The setup process for each device is mentioned below NextDNS dashboard; please follow the guide.

NextDNS Homepage

Step 2: Sign up for the Hostitor Unlimited Web Hosting package. We have an ongoing offering for anyone using Handshake domains. You get free 8 months of hosting, no payment method required. You will need to mention the website you want to use. Currently, we only support sub-domains of TLD (all.pours, where you might have won .pours. Here, all is the sub-domain of .pours, where .pours is the TLD ), so you won't be able to create hosting package for your TLD.

Step 3: You will receive an email regarding the activation of your hosting package. Please login to your package with the credentials sent to your email. If you haven't received the email even after 30 mins, please check your Spam folder. Note the IP address mentioned for your package.

Step 4: Log in to your Namebase account. Edit the DNS of the domain you want to use. Under Blockchain DNS Records, add the nameservers provided below. Make sure that you add all the IP addresses, as mentioned.


change namebase domains DNS

Step 5:Next, you'll need to create A record for the sub-domain (the website that you mentioned while signing up for Hostitor) with the IP address of your hosting package. Enter the name of the domain under Name and IP Address (refer Step 3) under Value/Data. Please refer to the image below. Save the information which will cost you 0.02 HNS.

Namebase DNS records

It takes about 30 mins to 12 hours to update your domain, so keep checking your domain. When you find that the website is showing, 'THIS SITE IS BRAND NEW. PLEASE CHECK BACK AGAIN SOON', that means your Handshake domain has been set up successfully. Now you can log in to your hosting package and edit the website.