How fast is Hostitor Web Hosting? Extremely Fast

Hostitor Web Hosting is Extremely Fast

So we tested website speed using the KeyCDN Website Speed Test. The result turned out to be great at what we were expecting. We chose the KeyCDN Website Speed test because they are already well known in the industry, and they measure all calculate speed based on several factors, like CDN, Web Optimization, etc.

Hostitor Web Hosting Speed Test

There are two categories of websites hosted with Hostitor. First, they use all the features of Hostitor, which includes CDN and Web Optimization. Second, they host with Hostitor and use the Hostitor while not utilizing Web Optimization. Third, they host with Hostitor and don't use any other features of Hostitor, like CDN and Web Optimization.

As noted from the tests, you miss out as much as 60% of your website capabilities by not using Hostitor CDN and Web Optimization. We provide CDN and Web Optimization for free, so you're getting great value from our hosting. Hostitor CDN helps in serving static files like images, JS, Stylesheets, etc., which improves the overall speed of your website. The menu also contains settings for features like Cache and Global Edge CDN, which is crucial for your website speed. You can learn more about free Hostitor CDN in our Hostitor Hosting Panel guide.

Hostitor free Web Optimization provides all the features of premium WordPress plugin like W3 Total CacheWP Super CacheWP RocketWP Fastest Cache, and Cache Enabler. Yes! You get the premium features of all those caching plugins for free. Configuring Web Optimization improves the overall speed of your website. Learn more about Hostitor free Web Optimization tool on the Hostitor Hosting Panel guide.

1. Website using Hostitor CDN and Web Optimization

Websites that were using Hostitor CDN and Web Optimization had a load time of just 1.2 sec to 1.9 sec. The load times are swift; the sites were utilizing our CDN and Web Optimization.

Hostitor Hosting Speed Test

The CDN helped serve a static file, and our central server could focus on loading the website. The speed can vary from city to city because speed also depends on your Internet speed. If you have got fast internet, it is more likely that the website will load fast. The site though using our CDN but didn't have many images. But you needn't worry about that since static files will be taken care of by our CDN.

The website was also using Hostitor Web Optimization. Hostitor Web Optimization is entirely free. It is a great free alternative for WordPress plugins like W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket, etc. since it provides all the most of the premium features of those plugin for free.

2. Website hosting with Hostitor and just using CDN or Web Optimization

Few websites use our hosting but utilize only CDN or Web Optimization. Their website had a load time of 2.2 sec to 2.6 sec. It varies depending on if they were using CDN or Web Optimization as both serve different purposes. But on average, your website will load within the time mentioned above.

Hostitor Hosting Loading Speed

According to us, the speed is great because you start to see our servers' actual speed. But again the whole process depends on your Internet speed, if that's slow we can't help you. Even though both our CDN and Web Optimization are, they chose to use one of the features. Also, you get all of these just for $15 per year, including unlimited website hosting and free SSL.

3. Lastly, Website that host with Hostitor and doesn't use any of its features like CDN or Web Optimization

The result seemed to be good—the website loads within 6.5 sec to 8.2 sec. The load time will vary significantly depending on the CMS you're using and if you're using any CMS. The load time of 6.5 sec to 8.2 sec is around the average loading time of most of the websites, which is ~7 sec.

Even though the results are great, website owners need to make sure that their website has the best code. If a site has too many static files, it's going to take some time to load. That's how the server works. So, you need to make sure your website is well-coded and not using resource-consuming plugins, making the site slow. You'll also need to use Hostitor CDN and Web Optimization to achieve your website's fastest loading time.

We have a complete guide on using our tools to it's fullest. It is in our best interest that you've faster load times for your website. Check out the Hostitor Hosting Panel guide to find out all the features of Hostitor. Start hosting with Hostitor, check our Web Hosting Plans starts only at $15 per year.

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